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  • What is an Influencer?
    We classify an Influencer as someone with 3,000+ genuine followers on Instagram. In time you'll be able to connect more social platforms into InfluencerPad.
  • How does InfluencerPad make money?
    InfluencerPad charges brands a minimum 20% service fee on top of any post they purchase. For influencers, InfluencerPad is a completely free service. Price policies are subject to change.
  • What is the expected launch date for InfluencerPad?
    We're currently in the negotiation phase with various brands and this platform is expected to launch really soon.
  • Why was my account deactivated?
    We have a zero tolerance policy towards fraud. If we suspect that your instagram account has ghost followers, we have the right to terminate your InfluencerPad account. If you think your account was suspended in an error, contact us at
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